Physio Rehab Group

Our Physiotherapists’ in Physio Rehab Group at Cavendish Clinic help people move. Assisting people to participate fully in life and in their communities, especially when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, disability or disease.

Our Physiotherapists are involved in many different industries and settings (locally, nationally & even internationally) delivering health promotion, injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

We will assess an individual or group of people, assessing their potential for movement and function, and then together with the patient/s, whanau/family and caregivers establish treatment goals designed to restore or develop that potential, and then maintain it.

The physiotherapy process involves assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, treatment or rehabilitation.

Physiotherapists expertly incorporate a wide range of strategies to assist people’s needs including in various education strategies, massage, manipulation, mobilisation, exercise therapy, rehabilitation, and acupuncture, breathing retraining, postural correction, orthoses and braces, taping & strapping, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, strength & balance training and many more.

Education and individualization of treatment plans & strategies are cornerstones of physiotherapy.

Please contact us if you have any queries at all about our services. Or call us on: 09 550 1940